What Can You Learn From a “Smart Toothbrush”?

We all have a smart phone … but what about a smart toothbrush?

Yes, you read that correctly. The creators of “the world’s first Internet-connected toothbrush” hope that with their new product people can brush smarter.

Last Sunday, the smart toothbrush was unveiled during a preview event for the Consumer Electronics Show.

The smart toothbrush has a sensor that detects how much tartar is being removed during a brushing session. The device also records its user’s brushing activity to assist the tooth-brusher with maintaining a consistent cleaning every time.

As you might suspect, the device transfers the data wirelessly to a smart phone app — a particularly useful aid for parents who wish to monitor the brushing efforts of their young children.

This app can actually inform users if they have missed any areas of their teeth while brushing! The smart toothbrush also features various graphs and images that promote a little friendly competition among users.

Now, if someone would only invent some “smart floss”!