How Your Toothpaste Can Help You This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and you will be enjoying the goodies and treats the season has to offer. But what about your pearly whites? Will they suffer from the indulgences? Not if you are prepared!

This holiday season take extra care with your daily oral hygiene regimen. Brush and floss as if that was the gift you are giving yourself. A healthy smile is one of the biggest gifts a person can give themselves. So choose a toothpaste that treats your mouth with the care it deserves.

Toothpaste, believe it or not, has many properties we might not really notice as it cleans our teeth and gums. There are abrasive materials in it, like calcium carbonate and silicates that scrape away food, teeth stains, and bacteria.

Have you ever wondered why toothpaste tastes so good? The artificial sweeteners and flavoring make all the difference. There is a variety of flavors including mint, cinnamon, citrus and bubble-gum to tickle your fancy.

To keep the toothpaste from drying out, there are humectants in the gel or paste for moisture retention. Then there are thickeners like gums they take from seaweed to give toothpaste the texture you like.

There are also detergents in your teeth. When you brush your teeth the lather that develops is from sodium laurel sulfate.

Picking a toothpaste that best meets your needs

Fluoride: the single most important ingredient in your toothpaste is fluoride, a natural mineral that protects your teeth from the acids in bacteria in your mouth. It strengthens your tooth enamel and reverses the early stages of acid damage.

Tartar: tartar control toothpastes prevent the buildup of harmful plaque (layer of bacteria) that hardens on your teeth and under your gums which leads to gum disease. Some tartar control toothpaste contain triclosan; an antibiotic that kills bacteria.

Sensitivity: for people whose teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, these toothpastes have potassium nitrate or strontium chloride by blocking pathways through the teeth that connect to nerves inside the teeth.

Whitening: if you are looking for whiter, brighter teeth, you might want to check out whitening toothpastes. These have chemicals or abrasive particles that stick to stains and pull them off the enamel and polish the teeth.

Whatever toothpaste you opt for this holiday season, make sure it carries the American Dental Association seal of approval. This means it is effective as well as safe to use.

Determine what your pearly whites need and then find the toothpaste that best fulfills that need! You can enjoy the holiday and give yourself the best gift of all, your health. Please call us at 360.200.6995 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a dental cleaning.